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The 5 Best Party Cruise Ships

Party cruise ships take fun and excitement to a whole new level! As if the cruise ship is not enough, cruise lines have come up with highly entertaining parties onboard. If you are after rest and relaxation at night – well this is not the type of cruise that you want to be on. The people here do not sleep at night because they are too busy partying!

Why parties on a cruise ship are so much fun!

There is really a specific type of cruise ship for different people. If you are young and you love to party, then you need to search for the best party cruise ships. When you book a ticket, your days will be kept busy as you explore the various port destinations of the cruise. But when night time comes – well that is when the fun really begins.

These cruise ships are fully equipped with bars, discos, and free-flowing alcohol all night! Your heart will beat so fast as the music blasts from the loudspeakers. The people dancing on the floor is enough to make you forget about everything and just live for the moment.

The fact that you are in the middle of the sea with no one to complain about the noise – that makes the experience even more exhilarating. Sometimes, these parties can get really crazy – but in a very good way!

5 best party cruise ships

If you want to book the best party cruise ships, here are 5 that you can start with.

Norwegian Cruise Line

The cruise used to be known for their White Hot Party. Now, they stepped up with the Glow Party known as the H2GLOW. It is the new version of the white party with a lot of neon touches. It is an adult-only party that happens on the sun deck. The nightclub is transformed with a red carpet and costumed crew members. Guests can have their face painted with neon colors and arms adorned with neon bracelets. The illuminated atmosphere is enough to make everyone feel quite high!

Celebrity Cruise

This party features performances from acrobats on rings. The bar serves specialty drinks and dishes that follows the theme of the party – which is a combination of Moulin Rouge and the Great Gatsby. Performers in masks and even animal heads will keep on swirling around you as you enjoy your drinks and the music blasting. It feels quite bizarre but there are people who will really enjoy these type of parties.

Princess Cruises

If you want a 70s themed party, then you want to head to the Love Boat Disco Deck Party of Princess Cruises. During the party, you get to enjoy music videos and a video greeting from the original cast of “Love Boat.” The live band will keep things fun and entertain the whole night.

Royal Caribbean

Among the party cruise ships, the Royal Caribbean is known for their over-the-top entertainment options. One of them is the Prohibition Party where guests are invited in secret. You need a lapel pin and a code to access the party. This is only available on the Oasis-class ships and happens on every fifth night. Upon entering, you will be taken back in the 1920s with a live jazz band and special cocktails. This party is for adults only.

Disney Cruise Line

This is best for kids and those who are still kids-at-heart. Disney Cruise Line has a very exciting and entertaining Pirates of the Caribbean deck party. It is more than just the eye patches and pirates shouting “Ahoy Mateys!” You will enjoy a pirate-themed dinner with costumed waiters and crew members. The party ends on the dance floor with a spectacular fireworks display.

Enjoy these party cruise ships and choose which of them will keep you busy at night!