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The Best 5 Luxury Cruise Ships

It is everyone’s dream to ride luxury cruise ships. But what exactly does this mean?

What is a luxury cruise ship?

The truth is, when you think of a cruise ship, you will immediately think about a luxurious vacation. Everything about it spells luxury and affluence. You are riding on a grand ship that has all the amenities that will make you enjoy every waking moment on board the ship. Every meal is served with elegance and class while you dine to the accompaniment of classical music. You have every type of entertainment too –  from casinos to musical performances and live bands. All of these make for one great holiday – regardless if you are traveling with a loved one or the whole family.

But then again, the competition when it comes to the most luxurious cruise ship have always been fierce. Cruise lines have always outdone themselves when it comes to the type of experience that they provide their passengers. Through the years, they have discovered that the definition of luxury is not the same for all. This prompted them to create different types of luxury cruise ships.

5 of the best luxury cruise ships

If you want to go for the best of the best when it comes to luxury, here are the 5 cruise ships that you need to consider.

Regent Seven Seas Explorer

This cruise ship was launched in July 2016 and was dubbed as the most luxurious ship in the world. It offers exquisite cuisine and the best suite accommodations. This cruise ship has several balconies – ranging from 55 to 995 square feet. The interiors feature granite and marble with 2,500 art pieces and 50 chandeliers displayed throughout the ship. During winter, it travels the Caribbean while it tours Northern Europe and the Baltic in the summer. In spring and fall, the ship cruises the Mediterranean.

Crystal Serenity

Among the luxury cruise ships, you will find the onboard enrichment program to be quite – interesting. The ship invites guest speakers that range from famous authors, politicians to other well-known personalities like NASA astronauts. Even PGA golf pros are on board to share their expertise. Not only will you be able to travel, you can also learn something new during the voyage. This ship cruises the Arctic, Antarctica, Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, Alaska, and South America. The ship has a lot of musical entertainment (jazz, broadway, karaoke, disco, etc). With superb dining options and comfortable accommodations, this ship deserves to be included in this list of luxury cruise ships.

Oceania Riviera

This Oceania Riviera offers varying dining options that will satisfy every palate preference. There is a steakhouse, a French bistro, an Italian restaurant, and even a seven-course fine dining meal. The cruise ship also offers a Culinary Center that can teach you a thing or two about cooking. In fact, there is a cooking school on board. This cruise ship is a dream for foodies out there. You can enjoy all of these as the ship sails the Caribbean, Mediterranean and the Greek Isles.

Viking Star

This cruise ship offers a variety of activities and amenities for a very luxurious voyage. It has an airy and open feel to the design. The accommodations range between spacious Explorer Suite (757 sq.ft.) to the comfortable Deluxe Veranda (270 sq.ft.). The restaurants have specialty menus – all of which are included in the all-inclusive fare. The cruise ship also spends a longer time in ports – which give passengers more time to explore.

Seabourn Encore

Finally, this ship is smaller compared to the other luxury cruise ships but it is just as appealing. It is fairly new – after being launched in December 2016. The ship boasts of beautiful interiors and several indoor and outdoor activity areas. The suites range between 300 sq. ft to 1,300 sq. ft. There is also a spa on board and even a hot tub. You can enjoy all of these as the ship sails Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Mediterranean, and the Greek Isles.