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The Best Cruises For First Timers

Cruises for first timers should be a great way to ease you into the wonderful world of cruise ships. Not that it is a painful or uncomfortable experience. It is one of the best ways to travel and explore the world. But it can also be an intimidating one for first time passengers.

Fortunately, there are cruise ships that you can go to that will make sure that your first voyage will be a trip to remember.

5 of the best cruises for first timers

It is usually hard to choose the type of cruise ship that you will book a ticket to. You haven’t gone to this type of holiday before. You do not really know what to expect. To help you out, we have chosen cruise ships that are rated as the best in the world – according to what they can offer first time cruisers.

Norwegian Breakaway

If you are looking for a cruise ship that offers an active nightlife – then this is the best one for you. The ship offers various nighttime activities as it sails to either the Bermuda or the Bahamas. There are Broadway shows, clubs, and various entertainment options. They even have a deck party and a fireworks show. If you feel that staying on board will make you feel bored, that is not likely going to happen.

Celebrity Reflection

Some people fear that all the pampering on a cruise ship will make them gain weight. After all, there are not many physical activities onboard – unless you travel on the Celebrity Reflection. As it departs from the Miami port and sails to a new destination, passengers can access the thermal spa and feast on healthy meals. The ship has various fitness equipment. You can even enroll in an exercise class.

Royal Caribbean

First time cruisers sometimes think that staying on a cruise ship for a couple of days can make them feel claustrophobic. Well, this won’t happen in the Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. This is the largest ship in the world. That means there is a lot of space to walk around. Not only that, the ship is divided into different neighborhoods. It makes the passengers feel like living in a small town.

Carnival Dream

There are people who delay their cruise ship experience because of the cost. The truth is, there are cruises for first timers that will not cost you a lot of money. The Carnival Dream is one of them. While onboard, you can enjoy the entertainment provided by comedians and even the poolside theater that provides entertainment on deck.

Viking Forseti

Finally, if you are worried about seasickness, this is the cruise ship that you should consider. This is a big ship that will minimise the risk of you feeling sick while on board. This cruise goes through a tranquil route that will not make you feel nauseous at all. With hotel like accommodations, you will be assured of a great experience as you travel by sea.

Consider these cruises for first timers as you plan your first holiday onboard a cruise ship.

Mistakes first time cruisers usually make

The best way to enjoy your cruise ship adventure is to ensure that you will avoid the common mistakes that first-timers make. Here are some of them.

  • Choosing the wrong cruise ship or itinerary. Make your choice based on what you really want out of the trip.
  • Booking the wrong suite or cabin. If you are prone to seasickness, make sure there is a window in your room.
  • Forget passports and visa requirements. You are still traveling abroad. Make sure all the necessary traveling documents are complete.
  • Skipping the specialty restaurants. These may cost you money but experiencing them at least once will make the trip memorable.
  • Failing to plan their days on port. This is an important part of your trip too. This is how you will explore the world so make sure you have an itinerary planned. The stay is short so do not waste time trying to figure out what to do.
  • Missing the port talks. Since you will be going to a new place, do not miss the port talks that usually happen before the ship docks. The crew will help you understand what to expect and will give you an idea what you can do while on the port.
  • Avoiding the crew. Finally, do not avoid the crew. They will be like your family when you are onboard. They will assist you and will make your stay as pleasant as can be. Do not ignore them. They can also give you tips on what you can do when you reach port.