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Boat And Cruise Trips For Children

Are you planning boat and cruise trips for children? A family cruise is one of the best ways to go on a holiday with your children.After spending a lot of time apart because of work and school, spending several days on a ship should give you several opportunities to bond.

Of course, traveling with kids is never easy. They are easily bored and might not like the idea of staying on board a ship for days on end. Although you will be visiting several ports every now and then, that does not mean they are not prone to feel bored.

This is why it is important for you to choose the right cruise that will help the whole family enjoy.

3 kid-friendly cruise lines

Fortunately, there are several kid-friendly cruise lines that will ensure that your children will have a great time onboard. Here are 3 of the best options of cruise trips for children.

Disney Cruise Line

When it comes to kids, Disney knows it best. This family-friendly cruise ship was built for them. The ship is filled with Disney characters and every inch is inspired by one of their stories. They have themed deck parties and the crew members are all dressed and in costume. They also have musical presentations of some of the Disney classics. Their ship was so successful that other cruise lines changed their own family-friendly ships.

Carnival Cruise Line

The main selling point of their family-friendly cruise ships is “fun”. After all, this is the magic word for any children. As long as something is fun, you can expect that they will enjoy every moment of it. Their ships are filled with large facilities that are all about playtime and various family activities. There are various events like comedy performances, scavenger hunts, and even ice cream parties. Everywhere you turn there is something fun to do.

Royal Caribbean

This cruise line had been advertising their family-friendly ships for years now and they have not disappointed their guests. They concentrate on providing outdoor and sports activities for the whole family. All the activities are meant to be done by all members of the family – regardless of their age. There are pool games, outdoor movies, and even discos that children of all ages can enjoy. Their family-friendly ships also feature characters from DreamWorks like Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and Madagascar.

Important reminders when cruising with kids

As you search for cruise trips for children, it is very important for you to remember these tips.

  • Do your research. Although the three cruise lines we mentioned are among the best, they might not be right for the specific needs of the family. While you want to focus on what will make your kids have a grand time, you should also look into the activities for adults.
  • Look at the details. See if the cruise ship that you are considering will have what you need for the kids. For instance, do they offer cribs? What facilities do they have for toddlers? Call the cruise line to make sure that they have what you and your kids will need. You want the trip to be very convenient. If they do not have it, ask if you can bring your own.
  • Call a cruise expert. When it comes to your kids, it is best not to take any chances. If you are unsure about what cruise ships offer, talk to a cruise agent. You need to know the little things like how big are the cabins and other amenities. You can tell the agent what you need and they will be the ones to arrange the booking for you.
  • Involve your kids. Since their needs will be your primary concern, it is best to involve your children in the planning stages. Know what they want out of the trip and allow them to choose the cruise that you can go to.

Going on boat and cruise trips for children can be a very memorable experience. Make sure you plan for it properly.