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Rent A Yacht And Go Around The Greek Islands

Did you know that the best way to go around the Greek Islands is to go on a yacht? It is not like cruise ships cannot access it. You can still go to the major destinations in Greece through a cruise ship. However, if you really want to enjoy the trip and make it more unique, you need to see it through a yacht. There are a lot of charming little villages, ancient ruins, historical places that tourists can only go to through a yacht.

Why use a yacht to go around the Greek Islands?

Well, the smaller the yacht, the more personalised the trip can be. You can hire one boat for your family and friends and you can tour the Greek Islands based on your own schedule. If you want to spend more time on a particular island, you have the freedom to do it.Fortunately for you, there are several yacht companies, cabin cruises, and day sails in Greece. There are even private owners of skippers that can help you tour the Greek isles.

Every island in Greece has a story to tell. Some of them might hold your fancy and make you want to stay longer to soak in their ancient history. Some you can probably pass by. It is easier to be flexible if you hire a private boat to sail you around the islands of Greece.

The chartering season usually runs from April until October – with the best times between July and August. However, if you want to get the best rates, then you need to book between April to May or September to October.

Greek islands to visit

Once you have chosen the yacht that you will charter, you now have to choose among the different Greek islands to set your itinerary. Here are the major group of islands in Greece that you can visit.

  • Ionian Islands: Among the islands you can visit includes the Corfu, Kefalonia, Paxi, Kythera, Lefkada, Zakinthos, and Ithaca. Here you will find the Smugglers Cove in Corfu and Blue Grotto. There are several stunning beaches that you can visit here.
  • Aegean and Sporades: This is a less crowded place to visit that will still help you enjoy the art, culture, and history of Samos, Samothraki, and Lesvos. The countryside is breathtaking with the fertile landscape and beautiful horizon. In the northern region of Sporades, you will also find heavily wooded islands to explore.
  • Cyclades: Here you will see various ancient sites like the Byzantine castles. There are also shopping, dining, and nightlife opportunities. The beaches are also a great option for travelers. The famous places to visit includes Mykonos, Sikinos, Delos, Santorini, Serifos and Paros and Naxos.
  • Dodecanese. This is the group of Greek Islands located in the Southern Sporades. The group includes 14 large islands and an estimate of 40 islets. The bigger islands include Patmos, Tilos, Kasos, Kalymnos, Astypalea, Leros, Kos, Lipsi, Symi, Rhodes, and Karpathos. There are other islands and smaller islets that you can also visit.

Think about all of the possibilities when you rent a yacht or sailboat to explore the Greek Islands.